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Fire and Safety Consultancy

We provide comprehensive and diverse fire and safety consultancy to organizations in any industry and of every size. With more than 40 combined years experience in fire and safety services, our staff expertly provides the following services:

  • Installation of Fire Alarm and Monitoring Systems
  • Conduct Fire and Safety Assessment of Office Buildings, Houses, Construction sites
  • Conduct Risk Assessment of company facilities with recommendation of remedial actions.
  • Supply and Servicing of Fire Fighting equipment such as Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, heat detectors etc.
  • Provision of Fire and Safety Officer for continuous monitoring of Fire and safety Systems and Process.
  • Drawing and Updating of Premises Evacuation Plan

Because of the extensive scope of our experience, we are a one-stop shop for many organizations. We can efficiently evaluate your facility, train your staff and develop an emergency response plan, ensuring your organization is effectively prepared for emergencies. If your organization has multiple locations, your entire staff will receive consistent training—no travel required. And should you encounter an emergency, we’ll be at your side as well.

Our professionals systematically assess the risks and potential contributors to an emergency event, fire or hazardous material incident that could put building occupants at risk. By evaluating local applicable codes and unique requirements, we are able to provide a holistic solution for our clients giving them peace of mind.