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Marine Consultancy

Misoab Services Limited deliver positive benefits to a client’s project


We provide a wide range of offshore consultancy services to the oil & gas, renewable and marine industries worldwide. Our staffs provide professional, specialist advice to ensure that every element of the client’s project is planned appropriately for their individual requirements.

Misoab Services Limited recognizes that good planning of the project, including selecting the appropriate vessel, carrying out risk assessments and vessel logistics, are central to ensuring that the client’s project is completed smoothly and to a high standard. By combining the high quality service with the Consultant’s detailed knowledge of the industry, Misoab Services Limited enables the correct decisions to be made in a cost effective and time efficient manner.

Misoab Services Limited Marine Consultants specialize in providing advice globally on the following matters:

  • Project planning
  • Site assessment
  • Vessel selection and charter
  • Procedures and risk assessments
  • Vessel construction and design
  • Vessel logistics
  • Port operation
  • Traffic management

The considerable industry experience and marine knowledge of the Consultants ensures that the client receives high quality, practical advice for the entire marine operation. Misoab Services Limited delivers the most appropriate, practical and client specific solutions, enabling the project to be completed to a high standard, on time and in the safest, most efficient manner.