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Risk Assessment and Evaluation

Risk Management provides Executive teams and the Board of Directors with a single point of reference when discussing risk across the enterprise. The purpose of this is to identify where risks are either not being managed or are not allocated the resources or appropriate level of attention. It is also an increasingly common regulatory requirement to have overall risk governance in place.

Misoab Services Limited has extensive experience evaluating the risk profile of companies following a practical approach to Enterprise Risk Management. Our approach identifies and prioritizes the relevant risks and links existing risk management processes to those risks. This approach eliminates redundant risk assessments, leverages work currently being done and provides solutions where gaps are found. Misoab brings an outside perspective to the company’s risk management while avoiding re-inventing the wheel by creating a big new project. Our approach fits well with companies who are responding to Board or regulatory requirements to have a risk management plan in place.

We render consultancy services to clients in the various categories of Risk Assessment and Evaluation, which is not limited to the following listed below;

  • Conduct Risk Assessment of company facilities with recommendation of remedial actions.
  • Fire Risk Assessment.
  • Occupational Health Risk Assessment.